Mes: enero 2022

Business Licensing in China

This is the standard commercial license required to operate in China, the following information is displayed there: In October 2015, China introduced the “Three-in One” commercial license. This is a combination of the old business license (15 digits), the organization code certificate and the tax registration certificate. All of them merged into one system. …

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Bc Rental Increase Form

Section 42 of the Tenancies Act states that landlords must submit an approved “Notice of Rent Increase” form three full months before a rent increase comes into effect. For example, if you receive proper notice on April 5, the full three months credited to the notice period are May, June, and July, which means …

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Attorney Separation Agreements

A married couple may feel free to include anything they want in a separation agreement, as long as it`s something both parties can really accept. Consider including these points in a separation agreement: No matter how consensual your separation is, you and your spouse have conflicting interests. Are you interested in learning more about …

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