Business Licensing in China

This is the standard commercial license required to operate in China, the following information is displayed there: In October 2015, China introduced the “Three-in One” commercial license. This is a combination of the old business license (15 digits), the organization code certificate and the tax registration certificate. All of them merged into one system. All of the items described above appear in the original commercial license. A company only receives an original commercial license. However, it is also possible to request several certified true copies. The certified copy contains the same information as well as the words 副本 (certified copy). They have tried to ask for a copy of their business license or feel uncomfortable asking. Maybe you`re worried that the license they provided is fake or has been customized? Unfortunately, business license certificates in China are only available in Chinese characters, which makes them difficult for most foreigners to understand. The new five-in-one business license will simplify the Social Security registration process for new businesses. Start-ups can now complete the commercial and commercial registration procedures and at the same time register for social security.

This will also facilitate banking formalities as there is no need to provide bank account information when registering. When registering a new company for the new five-in-one business license, social security offices receive the data provided by the departments of industry and commerce and create and submit a social security form. When a company changes its information or unsubscribes, the Social Security Office updates the company`s social security registration information based on data provided by the departments of industry and commerce. All official business licenses are in Chinese. That`s why I translated the most important parts into English. Companies carrying out construction activities can apply for different building permits according to a number of categories. All you have to do is explain your business to us and we will advise you on the necessary licenses. This new regulation has made it possible to improve the procedure considerably.

A process that is now completed in a much shorter time. However, this does not mean that the process has become completely easy for foreign companies. They contain all the information contained on the commercial license and much more. In addition, unlike a paper version of the license, you can be sure that this information is up to date and accurate. Throughout mainland China, the appearance of the commercial license certificate is quite consistent and will clearly indicate the text “营业执照” (commercial license) in large font. The new business license must include a unique national credit number that includes the Public Safety Code, Social Security Code, Business License, Organization Code Certificate, and Tax Registration Certificate. It will also consist of a QR code that can be easily scanned by smartphones to get all the relevant information from the company. The Council of State also aims to introduce an online management system for business registration and a platform for the exchange of information between all services involved in the process in order to facilitate implementation. It also encourages the full use of the new license, which ensures recognition and acceptance by all administrative authorities of the State. The image above shows the most important data that can be found on the commercial license. This includes: Your business scope should be clearly defined at the beginning of a business start-up process, as this will appear on your business license in China. Your company can only operate in China as part of its activities.

Note that further requests and approvals are required if you want to make changes to the scope, which can be time-consuming. Obtain the appropriate business licenses and permits for your business sector in China. Our team of experts will help you identify and apply for a special license from the relevant authorities to ensure that you are working legally. Only with this license can Chinese companies officially register their name and operate legally. The commercial license is therefore a good reference for the due diligence of your Chinese supplier. The section describes the planned activity of the company. Depending on the type of business, this process can be extended, as it must describe the details of each business operation carried out by the company. In China, the official name of a company consists of four parts: administrative region, name of name, industry characteristics, and organizational form. First of all, the name of the administrative region includes different provinces or cities where you register the company. .