Settlement Agreement Studocu

1. General 1 This Agreement may be enforced by the parties as a contract under the laws of the State of Victoria. 1 Upon full settlement of all claims claimed, the indemnitor undertakes to make payments in accordance with the terms of this contract. One. This Agreement relates to an incident involving the released and released person that occurred in a motor vehicle accident on July 13 (“the Incident”). B. The released man sustained injuries and the destruction of his vehicle as a result of the incident. C. The released now wishes to enter into an agreement on a settlement for the destruction of the vehicle in addition to all other costs under that agreement. 9. No Admission 8 9 Both parties agree that payments made under this Agreement or the performance of this Agreement constitute or will be considered an admission of misconduct or liability of any party. 8.

Mutual Release 7 8 The Indemnitor and the Indemnitor under this Agreement indemnify the other party against all or part of any claims, causes, demands, damages or expenses incurred prior to the performance of this Agreement. 6. Traic Accident Commission (TAC) 6 Due to the nature of the incident, this agreement does not prohibit the dismissed person from making a claim with ATC. 4. Notice 4 4 Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, all notices must be; (a) in writing; 5 The notice shall be addressed to the representative of ABC Legal designated by the notice and the notification shall follow the instructions set out in clause 4 of this Agreement. 5. Confidentiality 5 5 Confidential information is any information of one of the parties that is considered confidential or sensitive. 5 Except for clause 5 of this Agreement, each party agrees to keep the Other Party`s Confidential Information confidential and to use such information solely for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement. 5 Neither the lender nor the lender may use the name of the other party in advertising publications, advertising or sales promotions of the party, unless the other party has previously consented to this in writing. 5 A released person may discuss confidential information for sentencing purposes in criminal proceedings, but only for mitigation purposes, and bring it to the attention of the courts. 5 If the financier intends to discuss confidential information with the courts for mitigation purposes, the financier must submit a time limit of at least 14 days and a draft approval for the issues to be raised. 10 In the event of a dispute relating to this Agreement, the parties agree that the courts of the State of Victoria shall decide the appropriate place or place where the dispute is to be heard.

10 The parties to this Agreement submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Victoria. . Footnote 8: This clause is derived from LawInsider (example 2-4 prohibition clause), which I selected from samples 2 to 4 because it was easier to understand, which I then simplified and paraphrased in plain English. There were a lot of sentences and words in the sample sentences that I removed and combined a lot of the different samples into a smaller clause. Footnote 10: This phrase was adopted by LexisNexis (63rd separation/divisibility), which has two options. I have combined the two options to simplify the article and ensure clarity. the indemnitor does not comply with a written notice of default. 3 The recall must contain; (a) details of the delay; and (b) indicate that the indemnifier intends to exercise the rights arising from the delay, except within 14 days of service of the notice. If the default value is resolved; and ii.

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