Child Custody Agreement Long Distance

It can only get more complicated if you include long distances between parents on occasion. If a simple back and forth between homes is not possible, a distance education plan becomes necessary for all parties involved in order to have an equal and equitable right of scrutiny in the education of their child. But your child shouldn`t have to suffer because of these injuries. If you and your co-parent are not able to see each other on an equal footing when it comes to making the best decisions for your child, contact a mediator. A mediator will work with the parents and the child to determine the best course of action. You will be an impartial third party who can help you agree on all aspects of your parenting plan. A mediator does not try to plead or win for either party, he tries to reach a peaceful and amicable solution. “The parties agree that the time spent together between parents will be divided with 51% for parent A and 49% for parent B. The child stays with parent A for the school year and alternate holidays. The child stays with parent B for longer school holidays and alternating holidays. An experienced family law attorney in Lancaster County can arbitrate negotiations and enter into a custody agreement. Custody agreements determine which parent has primary physical and legal custody and how custody is divided.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania`s custody laws are aligned with the interests of the child and favor the arrangement that benefits the child the most. Pennsylvania courts generally prefer agreements where the child has a relationship with both parents. Sole custody is unusual unless one of the parents is considered dangerous, abusive or inappropriate. While a shared custody arrangement does not always mean that parents have exactly the same custody and decision-making rights, it does mean that both parents have regular contact with the child and some have a say in decisions. Distance does not prevent you from having a relationship with your children. Remote care arrangements are a great way to ensure that you and your spouse move in together effectively. Visiting distant relatives requires careful preparation and foresight. Co-parents should be very careful when creating the part of their distance education plan that deals with planning the visit.

“Every three Tuesdays, the two sides talk on the phone at 20:00.m. to discuss problems or important points in the child`s life. Here`s an example of a travel agreement clause in a distance education plan: Moving the child from one home to another is one of the most common criticisms in co-parent relationships. Have a clause in your co-parenting plan so there is no confusion. Consider your child`s physical and emotional needs. Then think about what you want to see. Try to connect these two goals, the other parent`s goals, and create a roadmap that gets you there. To maintain a consistent lifestyle in both families, a consistent method of discipline is important. A child needs this consistency to be able to test and develop their limits safely. Sometimes children need a more consistent reception base, or distance and school planning makes it impossible to have equal custody.

If one parent has a full or inconsistent work schedule, travels frequently, or lives particularly far from the other parent, these types of arrangements may be better for the child. Parent visits outside the territory should not interfere with the holidays assigned to the other parent and should not interfere with one of the parents` birthday or a Mother`s Day or Father`s Day celebration. A father could certainly visit the child on Father`s Day (or a mother on Mother`s Day) and the custodial parent should not try to prevent the visit. Some schedules include children staying with distant relatives during the summer holidays as well as every year during the spring holidays. Some allow the child to visit the distant relative every other Christmas for a week or more. Other options include: MAKE SURE YOU read each line, proofread and proofread before signing anything. Make sure you have considered as much as possible all the points you need in a distance learning plan and that you agree with everything in the final plan. What we ended up doing was buying a plan directly from the company, at a high price, because we can`t claim the child for taxes at all and last year we had a plan that covered it in both states.

This year, however, they ended that plan and we had to buy an HMO in the detained parent state, as it is most often seen by doctors there and is only insured here for emergencies. As he is with us for 2 months out of the summer, it is a long time to cross your fingers and hope that he does not get sick or injured, which only requires a visit to the clinic. On the other hand, he is guaranteed to go to the emergency room and drive an ambulance there if necessary, but if he is hospitalized, there is no coverage for overnight stays, which would be a big expense. In politics, it was “affordable” for us, there`s not even coverage to go to emergency care, and I`m pretty sure that if you go to the emergency room with something they don`t think is an emergency, they won`t pay for it. A parenting plan may include a request that your child not be left alone with certain people or avoid contact altogether. This may include a statement of grandparents` visitation rights. There is nothing more difficult for families than trying to make consistent decisions after divorce. Even the smoothest divorces with children always end in difficulties.

Both parents want to have the same time and say with their children, but it is rare for parenting plans to take into account the well-being of the child. Age and maturity of children: Your child`s age has a huge impact on the specifics of your remote parenting plan. A setup suitable for a toddler is probably far from ideal for a teenager. .